Protect your business with fire fighting and detection solutions from Helios Systems

Fast fire detection & rapid fire suppression ensuring around-the-clock asset protection.

Helios systems are at the forefront of all new fire detection and firefighting innovations, with technologies such as our range of AMFE miniature fire extinguishers and E-bulb short circuit suppression.

Helios works with manufacturers to produce best quality and highly effective fire detection and suppression equipment for business data and cloud-based storage server centres. This system has now been developed for all industry switchgear and electrical control cabinet protection. Helios strive to deliver early warning fire detection and firefighting solutions, which are both high performance and effective in minimising the risk of fire spread.



At home, as well as in industry, there are countless technical devices and appliances to support our modern daily life.

Most of this equipment are electronic products of some sort – computers, dishwashers, entertainment and lighting equipment, switchboards or smart home devices. And in the work place – computer hardware, electronic equipment, electric cabinets and PCB boards. While these products make life more comfortable, they also pose an increased danger of electrical faults, or even fires. Globally, more than 30% of all fires are caused by electric or electronic equipment or installations.

Helios has developed solutions to detect and extinguish electric fires when they are still small and in an early stage.

Helios Systems AMFE (Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguisher) reliably protects devices and equipment against the dangers of fires. The AMFE detects and extinguishes a fire inside devices, preventing the spread of a fire

More Info

  • A fire in an electric appliance (or on a PCB)
  • The AMFE reliably extinguishes the fire

To find out more about AMFE or any other fire-prevention products call Helios on 0161 226 1885